We proudly offer refined professional cleaning services for Commercial and Residential customers. Our staff is committed to providing a professional five-star cleaning services at an affordable price. We arrive at your location equipped with all the supplies needed to get the job done right the first time. One-time, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly service is available.

  • <p>-Trash Removal</p>
									<p>-Complete interior dusting</p>
									<p>-Restroom Cleaning & Sanitizing</p>
									<p>-Window & Glass Cleaning</p>
									<p>-Replenish toilet tissue</p>
									<p>-Stainless Steel Cleaning</p>
									<p>-Outdoor Walkway Sweeping</p>

    Office Cleaning

  • <p>Routine janitorial services are available from J & E Cleaning by the day, week, biweekly or special project. You can count on the highest level of customer service specifically tailored to your organization's specific needs.</p> <p>-Clean countertops, lobby area and coffee room</p><p>-Wash windows, dust sills and sweep and wash floors and gates</p><p>-Dust desks, chairs and furniture</p><p>-Clean bathrooms, faucets and sinks</p><p>-Vacuum carpets</p><p>-Remove cobwebs from ceiling</p><p>-Bag and dispose of non-sensitive garbage</p><p>-Replenish toilet tissue</p>

    Commercial Cleaning

  • <h4>All Rooms & Areas:</h4>
								<p>-Trash emptied</p><p> -Carpets vacuumed</p><p> -Hardwood or tile floors damp mopped</p><p> -Cobwebs removed</p><p> -Mirrors cleaned</p><p> -All furniture dusted</p><p> -Couch and cushions straightened</p>
								<p>-Dishes washed (Dishwasher loaded & run)</p><p> -Sinks scrubbed</p><p> -Outside of oven and refrigerator cleaned</p><p> -Countertops and back splash cleaned</p><p> -Microwave (inside & out)</p><p> -Replenish paper towel</p>
								<p>-Toilets scrubbed inside and out</p><p> -Sinks scrubbed and left shining</p><p> -Tub & Shower cleaned and disinfected</p><p> -Tile and chrome cleaned and left shining</p><p> -Vanity top cleaned</p><p> -Cabinets wiped down</p><p> -Replenish toilet tissue</p>
								<p>-Beds made and linens changed, if left out (Upon request)</p><p> -All areas completely dusted</p>
								<p>-Lamp shades wiped down or dusted</p>

    House Cleaning

  • <p>-Ceiling fans and all accessible light fixtures cleaned</p><p> -Clean fingerprints from all doorframes and switch-plates</p><p> -Clean inside windows on front, rear and patio doors</p><p> -Cobweb removal: walls, corners and ceilings</p><p> -Windowsills, frames & blinds dusted</p><p> -Vacuum all floors including stairs, edges and corners</p><p> -Hardwood floors cleaned</p><p> -Replenish toilet tissue and paper towel</p><p> -Bathrooms: counters, back-splash, toilet, tub, showers, sink and fixtures scrubbed and sanitized</p><p> -Refrigerator cleaned inside/outside</p><p> -Dishwasher & stove cleaned inside and out including drip pans</p><p> -Microwave cleaned inside and out</p><p> -Cabinets, closets and pantries cleaned: inside & out</p><p> -Sinks cleaned & sanitized</p><p> -Windowsills and baseboards cleaned</p><p> -Trash taken to curb or dumpster</p>

    Your Move In or Move Out Cleaning

  • <p>-Mopping</p> <p>-Vacuuming</p> <p>-Bathrooms</p> <p>-Dusting</p> <p>-Trash Removal</p> <p>-Microwave (inside & out)</p> <p>-Replenish toilet tissue and paper towel</p>

    Our Before / After Party Cleaning